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The Cathay Motorcycle Parking and Motorcycle ERP Rates at Orchard Road after Handy Road

The ERP Gantry is located around the front of The Cathay so just remember to put in your cashcard before you leave home when you are heading to town!
The Cathay Motorcycle Parking Rate
Monday – Sunday & Public Holiday
No Motorcycle Parking

Check Out NEA Weather Before Riding

Today, The Cathay may be a protected memorial that embraces each linear Art-Deco style and modernism with an upscale history. The youth-oriented mall boasts a myriad of retail, dining, leisure and amusement choices. A long-time fixture in Singapore’s urban amusement landscape, Cathay Cineplexes’ 9 cinema halls, together with The Grand Cathay and Pt film Suites, build it the definitive amusement hub for young adults.