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Century Square Motorcycle Parking Rates in Singapore

30 minutes grace period

Century Square Motorcycle Parking Rate 2023
Monday – Sunday & Public Holiday
S$1.50 per entry
Year 2022
Monday – Sunday & Public Holiday
S$1.28 per entry

Check Out NEA Weather Before Riding

Source: Century Square
Century square showcases curated offers, new-to-market ideas, new tenants and additional to enhance the larger Tampines retail scheme. It aims to make a community area wherever shoppers will relishes its various offerings. Modernised with a replacement façade, the community-serving mall includes of half-dozen exciting levels of retail, amusement and F&B institutions with open-concept feeding areas. The mall includes family-friendly services and activity areas like larger nursing rooms, family parking lot heaps, roof deck, 24-hour gymnasium and additional, deed shoppers glad. Century square additionally leverages on digital technologies to deliver a seamless, relevant and convenient searching setting. National Library Board’s first-of-its-kind virtual library in a very mall are going to be set at level four. Shoppers will anticipate to several firsts and different exciting details as Century sq. is prepared to welcome shoppers now!