Motorcycle COE Pricing *Updated on 21th October 2020

2nd Motorcycle COE Bidding Ended on 21 October 2020, 4pm

COE bidding for motorcycles – Decreased by S$151.00 from 7 October 2020.

For the October 2020 PQP price of renewing a 10-year-old motorcycle, COE is at S$7,436.

COE stands for Certificate of Entitlement which is a must to purchase to own and ride your motorcycle in Singapore.

PQP stands for Prevailing Quota Premiums this is when your motorcycle COE is going to end and you intend to renew your COE. This is base on the average of the last 3 months of COE Bidding Results which you need to pay to LTA by using one motoring website platform.

Singapore Motorcycle Certificate of Entitlement
Motorcycle COE Bidding Dates COE Price (SGD) PQP (Month)
Nov 2020 (2nd Bidding) Pending S$7,436
Nov 2020 (1st Bidding) Pending
21 Oct 2020 (2nd Bidding) S$7,300 S$7,346
7 Oct 2020 S$7,451
23 Sept 2020 S$7,331 S$6,358
9 Sept 2020 S$7,399
19 August 2020 S$7,432 S$5,287
5 August 2020 S$7,701
22 July 2020 S$6,510 S$4,352
8 July 2020 S$7,702
18 March 2020 S$4,489 S$4,126
4 March 2020 S$4,310
19 February 2020 S$4,309 S$4,012
5 February 2020 S$4,401
22 January 2020 S$4,610 S$3,860
8 January 2020 S$3,989

* Due to Covid 19 situation COE was suspended from April 2020 to June 2020 a total of 3 months as Singapore was in Circuit Breaker.

Singapore Motorcycle Certificate of Entitlement
December 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,658 S$3,900
December 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,789
November 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,921 S$4,014
November 2019 (1st Bidding) S$4,100
October 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,889 S$3,838
October 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,800
September 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,601 S$3,571
September 2019 (1st Bidding) S$4,089
August 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$4,301 S$3,214
August 2019 (1st Bidding) S$4,400
July 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,554 S$3,267
July 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,081
June 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,000 S$3,430
June 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,090
May 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,202 S$3,571
May 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,352
April 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,452 S$3,495
April 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,501
March 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,469 S$3,515
March 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,602
February 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$3,689
February 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,709
January 2019 (2nd Bidding) S$2,889
January 2019 (1st Bidding) S$3,610
December 2018 (2nd Bidding) S$3,789
December 2018 (1st Bidding) S$3,399